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Brian Johnson Poetry. Com
Featured Poem:

Featured Poem:

The Ten Demandments

 1) Love "LOVE", with everything you are; and more than anything else you could ever acquire!
 2) Do not create, worship or submit to any images as a substitute for the fullness and purity of "LOVE" Itself.

 3) Be not frivolous, or half-hearted when invoking "LOVE's" blessings.

 4) Allow yourself at least one day each week of gratitude for Life. And rest in, and Love, fervently, the unique Life, that "LOVE" has given you.

 5) Bestow "LOVE'S" respect upon your parents, and all elders, so that you too, after living many years, might receive as well, the wisdom, and the order & the necessity of that same Loving honor.

 6) Do not terminate, (beyond the need for self-defense), any other human life created by "LOVE".

 7) Be faithful to your commitments made in the name of "LOVE".

 8) Do not take what is clearly, (or even questionably), not yours as being an entitlement from "LOVE".

 9) In the name of "LOVE", let your voice & your heart speak only truth 
concerning your neighbor.

10) Lust not after the blessings that "LOVE" has seen fit to bestow upon others. But, be overwhelmingly thankful for your own blessings from "Love"- no matter how humble.

A Master also said, "Love everyone, especially yourself, with this same excellence and fervor."

 -Brian K. Johnson, Sr. (c 2013)
About The Author
American Author and Poet  Brian K. Johnson, Sr. began writing poetry back in his high school days in the seventies. Like many others who had started writing early in their lives, he drifted away from the art, and focused on life’s responsibilities, seldom incorporating the craft as an outlet of expression.
      While working as a firefighter in a New Jersey town, however, Brian or “B” (as he is often called), felt compelled to return to poetry and started a business creating commissioned sentiment/art works for clients. These works ranged from the deeply personal & intimate, to matters of education, gambling and nursing home care.
     His company, The DoodleMan Writes Publications solicited the talents of several excellent visual artists like Colleen O’Hara Stonehouse & Michael Waters to interpret the texts for each project. Mr. Johnson folded the company in 2010, however, and formed a new publishing concern, Brian Johnson Publishing, which expands on the original mission plan.
      Brian is also an educator and self-taught percussionist, using rhythms from around the world to teach students about the fundamental applications of “beats” throughout all cultures-both current & historic- demonstrating how syncopation can set the tone for various rituals of learning and rites of passage, representing a life pulse in (sub-conscious/conscious forms) that can facilitate an inner freedom. And,  that can propel participants toward their goals.
       As a Drum Circle Facilitator, “B” has been building a following of "Circle Goers" who join him in this percussive ritual of freeing-up and transmuting our stagnate, negative energies within.
       Mr. Johnson sees the merging of both poetry and percussion as a single pointed, extraordinary and viable tool for learning- a practice with an historical basis through which global cultures of every region and “neighborhood” have established bonds of common experience and unique social identification. With this fact in mind, he developed the Choices Seminar to explore these applications, and to facilitate avenues for personal advancement for his students.
       Throughout and beyond his firefighting career, Brian had continued to work closely with young people from all grade levels and walks of life. In addition to the Choices Seminar, he created a “life preparatory” program called Social Rite of Passage, which gave students an understanding of, and an appreciation for the practical applications of The Arts in everyday life.
       In 2007, Mr. Johnson began reciting poetry at the Historical Hopkins House, in Haddon Township, Camden County New Jersey. With encouragement from his family, and seasoned poets and artist of various disciplines, Brian began to compile his works into a manuscript. His first publication Mountains Moved, is introduced within this web site.
     Mr. Johnson was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey in ’56. While growing up he moved often, living for a time in Baltimore, MD, New York, NY, Washington, DC and Philadelphia, PA before returning to Atlantic City in the eighth grade. He attended Holy Spirit High School in Absecon, NJ, graduating in 1974.
       Mr. Johnson went on to attend Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree.
       In 1984, Brian joined the Pleasantville Fire Department and rose to the rank of Deputy Chief before retiring at the close of 2005.
           For over a decade, Brian and his late wife, Wendy, has owned and operated, Herban Legend, A Fair Trade, Socially Conscious Boutique in Historic Smithville, Galloway, N.J.
        Love for The Creator & all that's created, love for the True Self and love for family & friends are bulwarks of Brian’s philosophy, whereupon the heart seeks truth, finds it by knocking at its many doors. Resolving to open them, it journeys deeper beyond each threshold within to become again….and again anew as one!  

Copyright © 2012
 Brian K. Johnson, Sr. 
 Mays Landing, New Jersey BrianJohnsonPoetry@yahoo.com