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Featured Poem:

Featured Poem:


He was light,
and made of a soft firmness
that filled his spaces-
and those of others.

He could absorb the blows
and protect from the negative flows
that pattered and patterned after destruction.

He could hold his own.
And he could share the responsibility
with the collective.

No box was too small,
or too large.
For he could change the initial intent
and use of its confines
to adapt it to a nobler purpose.

Yes, he was a utility
fit for service,
unless tossed and driven by the winds.....


    At this site you will find works in poetry and sentiment-art, as well as information concerning our company, Herban Legend's, Sacred Space Drum Circles, that I am privileged to facilitate.

Both my wife & I are poets. We will, therefore, be sharing this site until she feels like starting her own. :) My wife, Wendy, has become extremely prolific, producing several hundred works that are, presently, being prepared for publication. So, in the mean time, she has agreed to present some of her pieces here. 

This, for me, is a great honor!    

We will also offer gifts in sentiment/art- that is, poetry with visual art accompaniment. The visual artists to be featured have created lovely images that we feel are worth your attention. To these images we've selected verse designed to share & evoke the feelings and thoughts of our intention.

In addition to our own works, we will also create a platform for the works of other poets whose messages we feel are apropos in speaking truth to the heart & mind, and uplifting the soul. Whether inspirational, controversial, romantic, etc., our goal is to identify the human experience in a multitude of real & creative ways. 

Thank You for joining us.

        peace...b u. i am... 


Copyright © 2012
 Brian K. Johnson, Sr. 
 Mays Landing, New Jersey BrianJohnsonPoetry@yahoo.com