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I Kiss The Air

I Kiss The Air

I Kiss The Air
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I Kiss The Air That Holds Your Presence is a unique and profound tribute of Love. Every man who seeks a gift that deeply expresses his affection and gratitude for the woman in his life, need look no further.

This beautifully romantic sentiment speaks from the heart, acknowledging a sincere man’s longing, and  appreciation for his true Love.

These romantic words are surrounded by a gentle, tranquil and airy visual interpretation of color and tones, boldly presented, yet, attractively soft on the eyes. And, to the right of the work, an insightful image reflects the nature, heart, and breath of an inseparable warm relationship.      
I Kiss The Air….applauds, rejoices and celebrates such unions of Love .
I Kiss The Air That Holds Your Presence is presented on an extra-large, Special Edition 36” x 23.5” Polypropylene Matte, especially designed for Valentine’s Day.  

We thought that men would have fun with this  by boldly presenting this serious gift on a more playful unconventional format, taking advantage of the opportunity to document, with pictures, the unsuspecting reactions of their Lovers as they continue to read through the lyric to the end.

Orders for guaranteed delivery before Valentine’s Day will be excepted until Monday, February 6. 

(To read the beautiful sentiment click on and enlarge the image above.) 

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