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Philadelphia Tourism Campaign
Featured Poem:

Featured Poem:

The Ten Demandments

 1) Love "LOVE", as everything you are; and more than anything else you could ever be!
 2) Do not create, worship or submit to any images as a substitute for the fullness and purity of "LOVE" Itself.

 3) Be not frivolous, or half-hearted when invoking "LOVE's" blessings.

 4) Allow yourself at least one full day each week for gratitude for Life. And rest in, and Love, fervently, the unique Life, that is the "LOVE" you are.

 5) Bestow "LOVING" respect upon your parents, and all elders, so that you too, after living many years, might receive the wisdom, the order & the necessity of that same Loving honor.

 6) Do not terminate, (beyond the need for self-defense), any other human life created by "LOVE".

 7) Be faithful to your commitments made in the name of "LOVE".

 8) Do not take what is clearly, (or even questionably), not yours as being an entitlement from "LOVE".

 9) In the name of "LOVE", let your voice & your heart speak only truth concerning your neighbor.

10) Lust not after the blessings that "LOVE" has seen fit to bestow upon others. But, be overwhelmingly thankful for your own blessings provided by "Love"- no matter how humble.

    -Brian K. Johnson, Sr. 
Philadelphia Tourism Campaign

Philadelphia Tourism Campaign

Copyright Brian Johnson Publishing 2018 
            I Love Philadelphia!

With a name like Brotherly Love, how could the "Sistas "
not feel comfortable! 

With this name comes an experience. The first bite of a "real" cheese steak,
while signing documents 
that set free.

Massive Love appeal 
hovering in its wake of taste,
and flavor, 
and the nourishments of challenge.
And a wedding ring 
to adorn the Receivers- 

the believers in IT-
awaiting, and tasting what is said, 
and what is read between the lines, 
in a City full of "Rockys".

It's contagious right over 
into The Pines of New Jersey.
And throughout the bright glare of Delaware. 
It's a shore thing.
A freedom's ring.

It's a valley, 
Growin' Love. 

But it's not Cali- She's a beauty with large bosoms from out west.

It's the Eastern nest of
holdin' It up.  
Takin' the lead 
on that famous coupling:
Brotherly Love. 

And the former,
brought formally, 
by Sistas,
nurturin' the nest
in the heart of The Valley. 

The Women of the world.
The Men of the world.
Feelin' formidably formidable, here. Comfortably comfortable, here.

Recievin' The best of 
All That's Offered.

Making It a heaven's home 
that breathes, 

Copyright © 2012
 Brian K. Johnson, Sr. 
 Mays Landing, New Jersey BrianJohnsonPoetry@yahoo.com