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The Poetry of Wendy Johnson
Featured Poem:

Featured Poem:

The Ten Demandments

 1) Love "LOVE", as everything you are; and more than anything else you could ever be!
 2) Do not create, worship or submit to any images as a substitute for the fullness and purity of "LOVE" Itself.

 3) Be not frivolous, or half-hearted when invoking "LOVE's" blessings.

 4) Allow yourself at least one full day each week for gratitude for Life. And rest in, and Love, fervently, the unique Life, that is the "LOVE" you are.

 5) Bestow "LOVING" respect upon your parents, and all elders, so that you too, after living many years, might receive the wisdom, the order & the necessity of that same Loving honor.

 6) Do not terminate, (beyond the need for self-defense), any other human life created by "LOVE".

 7) Be faithful to your commitments made in the name of "LOVE".

 8) Do not take what is clearly, (or even questionably), not yours as being an entitlement from "LOVE".

 9) In the name of "LOVE", let your voice & your heart speak only truth concerning your neighbor.

10) Lust not after the blessings that "LOVE" has seen fit to bestow upon others. But, be overwhelmingly thankful for your own blessings provided by "Love"- no matter how humble.

    -Brian K. Johnson, Sr. 
The Poetry of Wendy Johnson

The Poetry of Wendy Johnson

The works forthcoming from insightful poet Wendy Yvette Moore-Johnson (aka- Maharishi Shri Huma) are of a unique rhythm, and are born from personal triumphs & adversities, insights, observations, etc. Sometimes as spoken word, neo-beatnik, sometimes hip-hop, sometimes classic and more, the collective works of Maharishi Shri Huma  are sure to inspire, cause one to ponder, stimulate social consciousness, laughter.....
Wendy became ill with cancer about five (5) years ago, and could no longer work outside of her home. Because of her condition, she was always in pain, and realized she needed an outlet. 
She, first, decided to journal a page per day about her healing process. But, a little over three years ago, Wendy became inspired by the work that her husban, Brian, had done putting his poetry book together. So she started reading the works of other poets emerging from the Poetry In The Park venue in Haddon Township, NJ, where Brian had first found inspiration. She began to feel that poetry was a better means for her to express all of the feelings she was experiencing as her life changed.   
Since being confined to her home, Wendy, who has always been socially conscious about global, women's and racial issues, started to reach back inside of her deepest, darkest emotions to heal herself through their expression. Many of them are reflected in her writing. Within the last 24 months, Wendy has written many poems and short stories that will soon be available in books and Cd's.
Wendy Yvette Moore-Johnson, died on Saturday, April 16, 2016.....
May her words bring Healing & Light  
Peace.....B U
FYI- Soon to be available, Wendy's spoken word CD, 
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 Brian K. Johnson, Sr. 
 Mays Landing, New Jersey BrianJohnsonPoetry@yahoo.com